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Freeset – In Business for Freedom

Behind each Freeset Bag and Freeset fairtrade T-Shirt is a unique story; a story of one woman’s journey to freedom.

Before joining Freeset, she would stand with 6,000 other prostituted women in a small but well known area of Kolkata, India. She didn’t choose prostitution; it chose her. Poverty does that. It robs people of their dignity and children of their innocence.

Now, instead of being forced into prostitution she makes Freeset Bags and Fairtrade T-Shirts and is free to make the choices she wants for her life. Now, her daughter won’t have to stand in the street selling her body like her mother used to. Freedom continues on to the next generation.

Buying Freeset products means you become part of the story. You are directly helping to offer more women the opportunity to choose freedom.

Freeset is a member or the World Fairtrade Organisation


Sari Bari – New Life in the Making

Sari Bari is a safe home where women, who have been exploited in the sex trade, can have their dignity restored and experience new life in the making. Each of our products made from the Indian sari is marked with a woman's name, a woman who now has the opportunity to make a choice for freedom and new life.

Sari Bari is located in Kolkata, India and produce beautiful products using traditional kantha stitching.


Love Calcutta Arts – Giving Choices to Women at Risk

Love Calcutta Arts is a fairtrade business that seeks to provide economic freedom as well as a sense of dignity and self worth. It provides freedom to those girls who would otherwise be at risk of abuse and works to break the cycle of generations of slavery.


Shelano –Made in the City of Joy

Shelano is based in Kolkata, India and employs young women from some of the poorest communities with the aim of equipping them to run their own businesses.


Hagar Design – Social Rehabilitation, Economic Empowerment

Hagar Design is social enterprise that has been developed out of the Hagar Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Hagar works with exploited women with the aim of giving them new opportunities. In February 2006, Hagar Design was certified by the International Fair Trade Organization.


Destiny Reflection

Destiny Reflection, based in Kolkata, India, is a program of The Emancipation Network (an American-based organization that fights human trafficking with employment and empowerment)  

Destiny Reflection recruits women from the shelter homes and brothels providing them with a dignified job option. All of our employees are the victims of trafficking or are at high risk of being trafficked. Many of them have no family, so Destiny Reflection has become not only their work place, but also their family. Our mission is to enable our employees to overcome their situation and become self-sufficient. 


Suti Sana - Renewing a name, Restoring a Life

Suti Sana bags are made by women leaving the sex trade in Bolivia. These women have been trafficked, coerced and forced into prostitution. Suti Sana offers them an economic and theraputic option to that life.


Thai Song Fair Trade 

Thai Song is a fair trade business dedicated to empowering Thai women to overcome poverty, improve their community and better their environment by providing dignified employment.


Freedom Stones Jewellery

Freedom Stones aim is to decrease the instances of human trafficking in communities most vulnerable to this crime. They are currently developing a prevention initiative which provides vocational avenues for mothers in Ghana to reduce instances of child trafficking. 


BASHA Jewellery 

BASHA’s house of hope is a small business based in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. The slums of this city are bursting talent: careful tailors, printers and embroiderers. These women have little status and live in extreme poverty. They are often forced into work they would not choose for themselves, and many are unemployed.


Sacred Mark

Sacred Mark is a business enterprise in Bangladesh established to provide alternative employment for women who have been trafficked and involved in prostitution. These women have now found freedom from their previous lifestyles and have chosen soap making as an alternative source of income. This allows these women to provide for themselves in a way that brings them pride and respect. These fair trade soaps are packaged with love and marked with a thumbprint by the courageous and inspirational women that make them!


Via Design 

Vision, Inspiration and Action are at the heart of VIA, a UK based company which partners with small and growing businesses and organisations working with marginalized women in India and the UK. Many of the women we work with have been trafficked, forced into sex slavery or are at risk of being trafficked.  

By focusing on training and production of beautifully designed market-led product ranges, our involvement helps grow sustainable businesses which ensure fair pay and good working conditions.  Our goal is to release creativity, bringing a better understanding of the value of each individual and providing discerning customers with beautiful products.  


Divine SCRIPT 

The goal and responsibility at Divine SCRIPT is to empower women belonging to the marginalised sections of society, who are often forced into prostitution as the only option of livelihood. These women also withstand the maximum risks and vulnerability of human trafficking. 

Divine SCRIPT endeavor to strengthen women economically, so that they can break free of this disrespected and exploiting circle, instead of just to "existing" in the very society that takes from them more than it gives and strive to provide an enabling environment for these women and make them a rightful part of the mainstream society.


Beginning of Life

In 2007, BOL began to develop a new program to combat human trafficking and sexual violence in Moldova. In February 2009, “House of Change” was established as a rehabilitation center for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. In subsequent years, the team and the range of BOL projects expanded greatly.

As of 2013, BOL runs another four centers: the Urban Center; the Psychological Art Studio; the ‘Dream House’ Prevention Center for girls at risk; and a Humanitarian Aid Center.