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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking has in recent years shot to the forefront of public awareness. People are rightly horrified by the tales of exploitation and the stories of abuse. There have been many statistics circulated about the scale of the problem and how many people are involved. Many of these are estimates but what we do know is that the problem is real and it’s destroying lives.

One of the common denominators that connects victims of human trafficking is the background of poverty and lack of opportunities. This background can attract those that are looking to exploit and provide vulnerable women who can be easily trafficked.

At its heart trafficking is an economically motivated crime and each woman can earn traffickers large sums of money.  Sadly the person who was living in poverty which created the vulnerability ends up generating large sums of money for their exploiter.

As a way of tackling human trafficking we work with social enterprises to create businesses which can employ both women vulnerable to trafficking and those who have been victims.

We see business as an answer and our traffic-free products are made by survivors with all profits benefitting survivors. We’re moving away from a charity/donation model and employing a business/product model which brings dignity, freedom and lasting change.

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