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Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher Terms:


1.     Global Seesaw gift vouchers can be used to purchase goods online at globalseesaw.co.uk.

2.     Gift vouchers expire one year from the date of issuance.

3.     Global Seesaw gift vouchers can only be used once.

4.     The total value of the gift voucher will be applied against the total order including VAT. If the goods purchased online total less than the value of the gift voucher, the remaining balance cannot be carried over or used on future purchases. If your order exceeds the amount of your gift voucher, you must pay for the balance with an approved credit card, debit card or via Paypal.

5.     Promotional offers, coupons and discounts may not be applied toward the purchase of a Global Seesaw gift voucher.

6.     When redeeming gift vouchers online you will be required to provide the voucher number printed on the gift voucher. You may also be required to provide additional evidence of the voucher itself, which may include you needing to post the voucher to Global Seesaw as part of the redemption process.

7.     If you have to return goods for credit originally purchased online using gift voucher(s), then in most instances you will receive another voucher code to use on a future purchase.

8.     The cash value of a gift voucher is 0.001p.

9.     Gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase other gift vouchers.

10.   Global Seesaw is not responsible for lost or stolen gift vouchers.

11.   No VAT is charged when buying a gift voucher; however, purchases paid for with a gift voucher will be charged applicable VAT.