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Making a Difference to Victims of Human Trafficking and Exploitation

Many people want to join with us in our work to help women affected by human trafficking and prostitution.

A key distinctive in our work is that we operate as a social business and not a charity. This means we're looking for opportunities to trade and sell the wonderful products that were made by the women with all the profits being used for the benefit of the women.

We believe there is a place for everyone to become part of the answer. Not only can you buy Freeset, Sari Bari and other story rich products on this website, you can also recommend them to shops or our custom printing service  or host a Freedom Party.

Custom Printed Bags and Fairtrade T-Shirts

Did you know we also produce custom printed t-shirts and eco-bags and specialise in jute and organic cotton? Perhaps where you work would benefit from a custom printed bag or are looking for innovative business gifts. These are all made by Freeset and you can join in with the Freeset story and help us to build that connection. For more information on our custom printed bags for shops, conferences and events, please visit us at www.freesetbags.co.uk

Freedom Parties

Fair trade Freedom Parties are facilitated by Global Seesaw, and brings our partners' wonderful products to your event. 


Because we love our products and we love the people who make them!

At Global Seesaw we are committed to finding quality products that are must have accessories, beautful home products and make great gifts. Not only do we look for contemporary designs and innovative use of recycled materials but the way the products are made is essential. Whilst many fair trade businesses will pay fair wages and ensure child labour is not used, we look to go a step further.

All our manufacturing partners are social enterprises who reinvest their profits and measure success in terms of human lives changed rather than purely financial. The businesses we work with are all trading against trafficking.


Home Parties are a well established way of selling across the UK. From make-up to kitchen accessories there are plenty of possibilities but we want to add another dimension. Freedom Parties are aimed at using a similar business model but with an all important ethical edge.

An ideal party will leave the guests happy with their purchases and at the same time make a difference to the women that made them. We think this restored balance in trading is something that many are looking for and the ethical aspect will make a Freedom Party stand out from the rest.


Whether you choose to use your home or another suitable venue, parties are a fun way to shop. Not only can you learn more about the freedom businesses we work with, you can also spend time with friends and in a comfortable setting. The choice of venue is down to the hosts and can be chosen to match your specific needs. We recommend having room for at least 15 people and to have access to a computer with internet.

What next?

We are looking for both Party Hosts and Party Plan Consultants. A Host is someone who volunteers to run an event. This can be done directly through us or we may refer you to one of our Consultants. A Consultant's role is to recuit more party hosts and offer them support. 

Planning the event

If you would like more information then please contact us at hello@globalseesaw.co.uk

We will send you a guide, but here are a few things to consider when planning:

- We suggest you book the event in at least 6 weeks in advance to give your guests, yourself and our team enough time.

- In order to book an event, you will need to complete an Event Plan (template included with the Guide) and send us a £50 deposit.

We look forward to working with you!